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ESPN GAME REVIEW: Review of sports games.
ELECTRIC GAMES: Cheats, hints, downloads of your favorite games.
GAME SAGES: A huge collection of cheat sheets.
GAMES SPOT: cheats, hints, reviews
SUPER GAMES: hints, cheats for all game systems.
VIDEOGAMES.COM: hints, codes, reviews
CHEAT CODE CENTRAL: Nintendo64 codes and cheats.
FOX SPORTS: The latest sports info from fox
PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME: The football hall of fame website
THE CLEVELAND BROWNS: Of course my hometown team's official website!
THE CLEVELAND INDIANS: Of course another hometown favorite!
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS: Online sports magazine for kids
PLAYSTATION: The official sony playstation website
NINTENDO: The official nintendo website


GURL MAIL: A good site for a teenage girl!
CHICKMAIL: Another good email site for that teen girl!
KEYPALS CLUB INTERNATIONAL: Kids ages 8-16 can keep in touch with kids from around the world with email.


DISNEY.COM: For the disney lover!
AMERICAN GIRLS: For teenage girls!
DISNEY MUSIC: A collection of disney midi's
RUGRATS: The official nickelodeon rugrats site!
POKEMON: The official pokemon website
NICKELODEON: Nickelodeon's official website
LOONEY TUNES KARAOKE: Love this site! Works on webtv. Sing along with your favorite looney tunes characters
SABRINA THE TEENAGED WITCH: Has games and cool stuff.
SPICE GIRLS: A website for all you spice girl fans
TELETUBBIES: The official teletubbies website
TY: The official ty beanie baby site
FURBY: The official furby website
HIGH ANXIETY: A rollercoaster site from discovery online. VERY COOL!
THRILL RIDE: Another rollercoaster site
CEDAR POINT: Of course I had to add my all time favorite amusement park from my hometown!!
FREEZONE CHAT: Kid friendly chat room
NSYNC: The official nsync website
SNOOPY.COM: The official Peanuts website.
DAWSONS CREEK: This site was put here by special request from my daughter Nikki.
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: The official buffy the vampire slayer website
VIRTUAL DOG: A cute little virtual dog all your own.
WRITE YOUR OWN BRITNEY SPEARS SONG: If you like britney spears this one is for you.
FOX KIDS VIDEO: A website full of fox video info.
BOLT: An awesome new site for teens. Has email, chat, news. Talks about all subjects related to teens including sexual. Not suitable for younger children.
M & M's NETWORK: Anything and everything that you ever wanted to know about those little candies!

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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

Magazine Description Tips & Tricks is the #1 video-game magazine. Each monthly issue provides thousands of hidden codes, secrets, and special moves programmed into the hottest video games on today's market. If you're looking a way to master the games that have been frustrating you for months, this is a must-read!


Magazine Description Teen features the latest trends and information on fashion, beauty, boys, dating, celebrities, quizzes, and horoscopes for girls age 12 to 19.

Nickelodeon Magazine
Nickelodeon Magazine

Magazine Description Nickelodeon Magazine is the award-winning entertainment magazine from the number one network for kids. It's packed with celebrity interviews, fascinating facts, comics, pull-outs, puzzles, and more. The magazine keeps kids of all ages reading and laughing for hours.

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