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I would give this movie two thumbs up,because it had realistic special effects and it was really scary. The movie is about a young boy who sees dead people,and a psychiatrist (who is played by Bruce Willis) tries to help him cope with his telepathy. Definitely go see this movie!

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This movie received a lot of hype about how scary it was. I went to see it at a drive in and was sitting outside by the woods. I was so prepared to be scared to death! This was the worst movie I have ever seen and would not recommend that you waste your money going to see it. The scariest part in the movie was some branches cracking.

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September 7
The Other Sister / PG-13
Revenge of the Musketeers / R
Twin Dragons / PG-13
Sometimes They Come Back...For More / R
September 14
Children of Heaven / PG-13
The Corruptor / R
Forces of Nature / PG-13
God Said Ha! / PG-13
The Last Days / PG-13
The Prince of Egypt / PG
September 21
The Matrix / R
My Favorite Martian / PG
The Out-of-Towners / PG-13
September 28
The Mummy / PG-13
Foolish / R
Joan of Arc / NR

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