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Friday August 27, 1999

First Home Game

Again this year we will be having a table at the Friday night home games. We will offer beverage ware for sale, along with games for the kids with a chance for the kids to win prizes. If you would like to help out with this table please contact Sandy Reagan at

Mark Your Calendar Saturday October 23, 1999

For those of you who are new with us, this fundraiser is our major money maker and is the funds we leave for the next years events. Please support this event.

Coming Soon
Online chat meeting. Join our mom's club without leaving the comfort of your home. We will have an online meeting at our chatroom. Days to be announced.

We hope you enjoy this website and hope it gives busy mom's the chance to be involved in their son's sports. Keep checking the website for new items. If you would like to add to the site please email If anyone out there has a scanner and can scan some rangerman images for me please let me know. This whole website is being produced with webtv and I do not have the scanner capability. If you can do this for me I would greatly appreciate it. Just email me with your phone number and I will contact you. Thanks!

For the purpose of privacy and the inability to censor who visits the website we will not be listing phone numbers. If you need to contact one of the mom's just email Sandy the president of the mom's club. Just leave her your name and phone number and she will get back with you asap. She can be reached at