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Today I made an amazing discovery with my webtv plus. I had no idea that you could do this and its so cool I thought I would share how to do it with you. You can capture any image off your vcr, tv, nintendo or sega. You can also record sound using the above. Its so cool and so easy. I hope this instructional helps and you just have to try this its so much fun.

Webtv Plus Unit
Input jack cord the one that has yellow and red tips like the one used to hook up your webtv.
Account with Photopoint.

Go to and set up an account.

To capture images from the television you do not need to hook up anything special. To capture images from your sega or playstation just hook the video input(yellow) into the video input of your webtv. (Just above the initial connection you will see color coded input plugs). Now take the red and white audio connections and connect them to the audio input jacks on your webtv. Leave the initial connection in place. These input jacks are separate from your initial connection.

To connect your vcr you use the video and audio output on the vcr and connect to the video and audio input jacks on the webtv unit. You should not have to disconnect anything and you can leave it hooked up so you can catch the images at your leisure.

Get your movie or video or nintendo image on the screen.
Now hit the view button on your keyboard to connect with the internet.
Go to your email and hit the write button as though you are going to write a letter. Then hit the photo button. (To just record sound hit the recording button)
When you do this a little black box will appear with a little tv screen. On the lower left hand corner there is a switch that says tv/vcr. If the image you are trying to capture is on your vcr just click the switch. You should now see your video playing in the little box. You will not hear sound. Only the images will appear. Now when you see the image you want hit the freeze button and your picture should freeze.
Now hit the add to message button and the image will appear on the bottom of your email


Send your letter with the picture attached to
In about 5-30 minutes(depending on how busy they are), you will receive a confirmation from photopoint that your image has been processed. You can now go to photopoint and put your picture in an album or anywhere you want. They put it in a jpeg like format that you can transfer. Just follow there instructional on how to put your photos in an album. Make sure you remove them from your incoming box and into an album.

Here is a picture of my daughter who is now 13. I took this off an old videotape.

I hope this instructional was helpful and have fun with it.

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