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The small town of Woodsboro is shocked by a number of mysterious deaths, this just a year after the brutal murder of Maureen Prescott, wife & mother. The murders may be related but no one knows who the killer is as everyone is a suspect.   Scream revolves around sidney prescott(Neve Campbell), daughter of Maureen Prescott, a student of Woodsboro high trying to escape being butchered like her mother and the 2 victims that fell before her-Casey(Drew Barrymore) and her boyfriends Steve. Along side are her best friend Tatum(Rose McGowan), Stu(Matthew Lillard), horror movie freak Randy(Jamie Kennedy) and her boyfriend Billy Loomis(Skeey Ulrich). the town's Deputy Dewey Riley(David Arquette) tries to find the killer and sweet talks with tabloid twit Gail Weathers(Courteney Cox).