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Last year for Christmas I received my Webtv. I surfed on many sites and stumbled through hundreds of chatrooms. Then I stumbled into Ridicwebtv. Of course I was instantly addicted. My Thanks this thanksgiving goes out to all you fellow ridic addicts. Especially my current and former Meet the Beetles Players. Even though I dont know each and everyone of you personally I just felt the need to let you know how great you are. My first encounter with you guys was in March on my birthday. I was feeling a little down and came in to play the game. I had over 40 birthday cards from you guys. Then this past summer when I lost my job everyone came to my rescue with a positive story and words of encouragement. Now that I have been sick I get at least one get well card from you beetles everyday and with every email from you guys there is always a "How are you feeling". Its just so nice to know that you guys care! We have had so much fun in the tournaments! OK so we have had our ups and downs and little fights with other teams. But we always manage to make up and you guys always listen to my long ass emails without a complaint. I remember when Snowdome's daughter had her accident and hundreds of ridicaddicts came out to console her. Its seems like no matter what happens to anyone of us you guys ban together for support! So for all this I THANK YOU and I am just glad that I have gotten to know such a great group of people. There are too many of you to send individual cards so pass this along if I miss anyone. Everyone keeps changing their nics so I dont have all the addresses. Hope everyone has a great holiday and dont eat too much. OH yeah GO BEETLES!!!!

Love you guys like a family,

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